Truffle Salt is one of the many great culinary delights on the planet. What exactly is Truffle Salt? Truffle Salt dates back to Roman times in France, and although there have been many different variations on the theme, the basic ingredients have not changed. Because black truffle sea salt is so expensive, and because the original recipe required the use of large amounts of salt, it was only affordable for the rich and powerful. Because it's cheaper than truffle itself, and because truffle salt is healthier than most sea salts, it's been hugely popular ever since.

I'm sure you've had a good old fashion omelet or several glasses of white wine with that big helping of truffle salt on top. The smell is amazing. If I could drink a glass of it now, I'd be content. I'm not fond of seafood and yet I love seafood and that salty taste it brings to the table. My wife likes it on her steak as well, but we also like to sprinkle it onto baked potatoes, vegetables, even fried chicken and beef.

You can also sprinkle it on just about anything you'd like to spice up, from cheese to cereal. Another great thing about truffle salt is how versatile it is. I've used it in place of oregano, and red pepper flakes, Cayenne pepper, garlic powder, allspice and salt. And believe me, you don't need a lot of it. In fact, I only use about a teaspoon in a recipe once or twice.

This little known secret to truffle salt pops is that the aroma from the powder adds to the bouquet and flavor of any dish. Think about it, fresh bread, fish, onions, even salad can benefit from this compound. This is why Italian black truffles are so popular. It's a great aroma with a long way to go!

Not only does the aroma have a long way to go, but it also has a long way to go high. Most salts are very salty, around just beneath the earth's surface. The black truffle sea salt I use has been around for years, but it's still nothing like what you find at the store. You can buy it online. It's a great supplier and a great product.

This compound has long been recognized as a healthy food additive, due to its high minerals, antioxidants and trace elements. You can take a spoonful with you any day of the week, and the aroma won't be too far behind. You'll smell the wonderful combination of the minerals, along with the saltiness of the oil, and you'll feel it working almost immediately. Your body will thank you and reward you with healthy, glowing skin.

To make the truffle salt popcorn, simply heat some olive oil until it's a bit warm, and then add in the seeds. Stir through until completely smooth. Place it on a lined cookie sheet, pop into the oven and allow it to cook for about two hours, stirring every few minutes or so to ensure that all parts are fully cooked. Pop into the oven again and wait until the oil is completely dark brown.

Enjoy this luxurious spice as an alternative to regular table salt. There is no reason to use regular table salt when a healthy, luxurious alternative can be used. Try sprinkling it onto your next big meal or use truffle salt popcorn for that luxurious touch at any time. Enjoy!

How about some delicious omelet for breakfast? Or how about scrumptious home-cooked scrambled eggs for a start? Anytime is breakfast, isn't it? A little bit of luxurious spice goes a long way. And don't be surprised if your kids devour their morning bowl of cereal with a little black truffle salt on top. It's delicious!

Truffle salt and other luxury spices are used in many savory recipes. Some of these include Italian sausage, black truffle salt, Mexican chili, Greek yogurt, Mexican oregano, and more. These are just some of the many combinations that can be created using truffle salt and another high-end seasoning. But you don't have to stop at creating mouthwatering dishes. Try them in the microwave, on the stovetop, and even over the oven.

Why not top your steak with truffle salt? Steaks are never cooked evenly. There is enough moisture inside the steak that the marinade is never absorbed. To evenly brown the steak you can use a little oil in a mixing bowl and brown your steak in ten minutes or less.