Marriage anniversaries remind couples all around the world of that special day on which they swore their lives to one another. That special day was the beginning of an extensive physical and spiritual journey through life as a pair rather than an individual. However, this comes with complications.

Love may dwindle and affections diminish. The presentation of marriage anniversary gifts serves to let your loved ones know that the passion that brought you together on the day of your marriage still exists within your relationship.

After six years of being together, this is the time to truly consider beginning a tradition of gift-giving that will persevere through the remainder of your relationship. These gift-giving ideas should be carefully constructed, not as a casual arrangement, but a formal and unique take that will leave your loved one jittery with anticipation for the next year. A lot of thought and care should be taken while deciding on an anniversary gift basket.

For this year, the traditional anniversary gift is iron. If you're a lady buying for your husband, patio furnishings are always pleasant presents.

You may also want to consider gardening tools where applicable. If you are instead a man buying for your woman, you will, as always, have a good deal more options. If your wife enjoys cooking, consider cookware sets, several of which are featured in our storefront; if she doesn't enjoy cooking, try not to introduce a stereotype! Wedding anniversary gifts should be personalized to the taste of your partner.

If you want to go with the modern approach to gift-giving, center your anniversary gift around wood. It's very easy to find hand-crafted wooden models or sculptures, and if you can sculpt yourself, you instantly have a highly personal gift that your partner will cherish.