Are you wondering why your energy bill is so high? Are you asking yourself how to save energy in my house?

Well, there are many ways to ‘save the home energy’ (also known as ‘ประหยัดพลังงานในบ้าน’ in the Thai language). Many of them cost little or no money but can save money. Some would mean that you have to spend money to save money but the returns are worth all in terms of money and the positive effect it can have on our environment.

How to Save Energy to Save You Money and Help Save the Planet ...

So check these things and start to put them into practice.

  1. Turn off the lights

Most people do not realize how much energy they can save simply by turning off the lights when leaving the room. It is simple, easy, does not cost anything but it saves an incredible amount of energy over a year and that saves money.

To see a different way, by turning off the lights for one hour every day would save enough energy to power your TV for one month. 

  1. Switch to Energy Efficient Light bulbs

LED light bulbs now come in many shapes and styles and provide just as bright as light as regular bulbs. Mobile technologies and energy-saving lamps are part of it and they are much better for the environment too.

  1. Upgrade Your Insulation

Once your home is properly insulated not only makes you feel more comfortable but will also reduce the carbon footprint of your home by reducing the amount of heat you should use.

There are a number of ways to upgrade your home insulation. This can be a regular, adding insulation to your attic is relatively easy to blow insulation into your walls should be done by a professional.