A shirt with a dress can be a collared shirt, with a full opening at the front from the collar to the hem with cuff sleeves. Men's formal shirt collar is the most important part of it and tells not only about the type of clothing but also about the person wearing it.

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The collar of your shirt is the most prominent part and people often notice the dress over time. When interviewing or presentations, always keep your collar neat. Never underestimate the length of the collar.

You will need to check the label on the shirt to see if the fabric is strong or soft. This type of men's clothing is also called a formal shirt. You will spend a lot of working hours on it, so you need to make sure your shirt is comfortable and of durable quality.

High quality clothing has only one visible seam line on the side seam while most of the others have two. You will need to find out if the buttonholes are hand sewn with fake stitches, which usually indicates high quality.

Look for the gloves on the shirt, which indicate fine workmanship. To make sure the men's dress shirt fits you, the best thing to do is to pin the shirt on top and see if you can slide two or three fingers between the neck and collar.

Make sure the sleeves are long enough so that the cuffs don't move the wrists up as you move your hands. The cuff should be well placed and not hang over your arm. The shirt should not be too tight and pull uncomfortably at the chest or waist. Buttons should be placed properly without gaping holes exposing your chest.