When thinking about the industry, what appears first in the mind is a heavy machine. Every day new machines are created to make the work process easier for employees.

In ancient times, it is difficult to carry a heavy load and with the discovery of hosting equipment, work is easier and also, it tracks your safety. 

Let’s look at the detailed record of what hoisting equipment (Also Known as “ อุปกรณ์ยก “ in the Thai Language) is actually and how they work.Before understanding the hosting equipment, let’s see what lift means. 

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Hosting means raising something above the ground against gravity. This action can be solved with small screws or elevators or high-powered and high cranes. 

So, the equipment used to lift heavy loads in manufacturing or the processing industry is called hoisting equipment. Most of these equipment use links such as roller chains or wire rope which are largely unrelieved and can bear heavy weight. 

The equipment can be powered in different ways such as electricity, manuals and so on. They are used with a number of attachments.Manual hoist is a simple hand operated device made up of durable and high-quality steel to ensure security when the heavy amount of load is lifted.